About Us

Mark Phillips Limited has traded since 2012. The company previously traded as Secure Financial Systems Limited and was formed in 1998. The director of the company is Mark Phillips.

Mark has been involved in administration, accounting and the legal industry for over 40 years, including 17 years with district councils, 6 years with Baycom the developer of lawyers accounting/management software LAWbase, 3 years managing a legal practice and 14 years consulting to the legal profession.

The company has undertaken a wide range of jobs within the legal industry including:

  • Internal audits for firms with up to 120 personnel,
  • Managing The Law Store in Porirua and Levin for 7 years,
  • Assisting lawyers with billing problems, dormant balances,
  • Reviewing bills prior to sending them to clients to ensure adequate charging,
  • Managing and working on files that are difficult,
  • Providing management advice.
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