We will work in your office. The term of engagement may be anything from a one off visit to regular weekly or monthly visits.

The range of services is:

Preparing the bill and where necessary statement in the style of your office. Prepare reporting letters. All documents signed by the practitioner.

Drafting documents, including, applications to the High Court with supporting affidavits and memorandum of counsel, acknowledgments of debt, gift statements, ADLS leases, wills, probates, deeds of family arrangement, for the practitioner's approval.

Dealing directly with clients as directed by the practitioner.

Assisting with files with dormant balances


This work will be done by a combination of regular visits to your office and remote computer access.

The range of services is:

Processing trust account transactions and regular bank reconciliations of the trust account.

Processing the payroll

Paying suppliers accounts

Preparation of goods and service tax returns

Providing a monthly set of business accounts

Assisting with administrative matters.

Organising the installation equipment including computer systems and photocopiers.


We can check that you have adequate internal controls for both your trust and office account.

We can review author files to ensure compliance with the trust account regulations and rules. The same review checks that the files has been managed in a business like fashion.

If you are a sole practitioner with a small staff you may feel isolated. The company can provide a mentoring service.

Sometimes you are not sure if you are doing the right thing. We can review your business and advise what is good and what needs to be fixed with suggested solutions.

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